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The Evoking Wonders Of Traditional Cuisines

At Loyds Spice, we offer exquisite Indian & Bangladeshi-inspired food to the people of Solihull and its surrounding area. Our wide array of classic Bengali dishes, standard food preparations and remarkable services are what helps us to offer you our best. Join us and order online to fall in love with our timeless delicacies.
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Redefining The Perception And
Experience Of Bengali Dishes

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Loyds Spice

Housed at Solihul, Loyds Spice offers traditional and contemporary dishes that reflect the bygone era of elegant Indian culture. The tantalising Bengali dishes prepared by our chef are idle for any moment or occasion. Whether you want to cherish the delicate taste of classic dishes in your solitude or celebrate an occasion, you will always find us there by your side to make it grandiose.

Explore our magnificent Indian & Bangladeshi dishes and order whatever pleases your appetite. At Loyds Spice, we have a team of responsible delivery members who will reach out to you with a warm delight of delicacy in no time.

Loyds Spice